❀ My Summer Essentials ❀

Bonjour everybody,

yeeayy my exams are over!! Which means: blogging, blogging, blogging
It’s July and we’re in the middle of summer (more or less) – the weather is going to be super hot on Friday (102.2 F°/39°C) and that’s why I’m showing you my essentials during these days.

I definitely recommend the Avene Eau Thermale – it’s a water spray which helps the skin to calm down and anti-irritate (also good after shaving). I like to keep the 150ml bottle in my bag, at home I also have 300ml one because it simply lasts longer.
Continuing with the glorious flash tattoos which I absolutely fell in love with. They’re silver and gold and make you feel like a summery tumblr girl with beautiful skin and a wonderful life (it’s true). You can get these on amazon.
This summer I decided to wear my Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses because they’re amazing.
My most used beauty products the past few weeks are my Miss Manga mascara by L’oreal and my Kiko lipstick in 910, which is a baby pink/coraly tone.
If you want to smell like a breeze of the sea mixed with a tone of fig you should try the Fig Fi(g)ction (ha ha) Body Mist by & other stories plus the hand cream by Compagnie de Provence.
My iPhone 5s is also alwaaayys by my side (confessing to be a junkie) and the cover to keep it safe is by H&M (you can shop another one that I like here.
Last but not least: My little bag which has to carry all of my stuff
It’s a little beauty clutch by Forever 21 but is sadly out of stock.
I hope you enjoy the beautiful summer and create unforgettable memories
Btw thank everybody who’s supporting me – I can tell you guys there are BIG surprises in progress!



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