15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

Happy Thursday everybody!

Today’s blogpost is for all the curious people out there…I know you are one of them – (don’t worry I am one of them too). My community has been growing over the past months so I wanted to give you an updated “Facts About Me” post (click the old one here ).

1. I am a bourgeois when it comes to manners

There is no thing that makes me more angry than people without any manners. Smacking while eating, spitting on the floor, not saying “please” or “thank you” – all that jazz pis**** me off.

2. I always get up too late during school days

I just can’t get up in the morning no matter if I fell asleep at 10 p.m. or at 1 a.m…My mom desperately tries to wake me up but without music or turning on the lights the situation is beyond remedy.

3. I seldom wear makeup to school

Because of fact numbero dos I barely have time to put makeup on and to be honest most of the time I’m too lazy for it. Nobody really cares about your looks in school so why getting dressed up like you would go to a party? A great way how to show this “mind” is wearing my new tee shirt by *Likoli

A tip for all the people who are like me at this point: Put your outfit together in the evening as well as your school bag – you won’t regret it

4. Perfectionist? Me? Well…

…it’s sadly true. When I set my mind on doing or achieving something I try my best and harder to get it. Some people call it stubborn I call it ambition (and yes sometimes it’s both). This character trade is great on one hand because my endurance helps me to achieve nearly everything. On the other hand it’s problematic because it takes a while for me to accept my work as I always want to improve different things. That’s also the reason why I don’t give up fast whether it’s on people or work.

5. B+E

Speaking of not giving up: My boyfriend and I have been together since 2 years and nearly 2 months. He is my partner in crime (and also one of my photographers) and always builds me up.

6. I prefer English.

Since I can remember, I have loved the language English. When I discovered Youtube I just watched English speaking Youtubers and read English books. In my Kindergarden we only were allowed to speak English so that maybe is one of the reasons why I love this language so much. That’s also why my blog is written in English.

7. I have lived in Berlin and Austria before.

…and love both very much.


Unter den Linden – Berlin

8. I lift.


When I was younger I played football, danced Hip Hop and Ballet but the only thing I’m sticking to is the gym. It’s one of my favorite places to let go of all the stress and thoughts that are in my head. When I saw how you can naturally change your body I absolutely fell in love with it.

9. I have many freckles and birthmarks


What I considered as a flaw of mine became one of the coolest characteristics – I absolutely love them now.

10. I rarely read books

When I was in elementary and middle school I was obsessed with reading books (which means reading the Golden Compass in 3 days and nights) but now I prefer listening to podcasts.

11. Drawing is one of my passions

Since I was a little Em I loved to draw. Everywhere and always. My sister and I still start doodling when we’re going into a restaurant with our family. That’s also why I’ll have one of my written exams in art and I’m very excitedddd.


12. I always have to sleep on the side of the bed which is next to the wall

Don’t ask me why. I just don’t know.

13. I had a Barbie obsession when I was about 7

But I never played with them – I just put clothes on/ off and put them onto their bed or wherever I wanted to. Then the same thing again. We stopped counting after 100 (because we didn’t want to count the others also).

14. Since first grade I’m going to a Cristian girl covent school

I guess I don’t have to add anything here. Let’s say I’m happy when I finally am done with all this studying stuff.

15. I can’t remember birthday dates

And I’m so sorry!! But I just can’t.

Are there some facts you would like to tell me about you? Just write me in the comments below – I’m excited about your answers.


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  1. Februar 25, 2016 / 5:37 pm

    Ah,such interesting facts! When it comes to manner…I’m the same like you ! And it’s great to know that you got so many hidden talents haha ♡


  2. MEO
    Juni 25, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    Cooler Blog 😉

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