4 Reasons Why You Should Keep On Working Out During Summer

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep On Working Out During Summer

Bonjour everybody,

Every year it’s the same…during wintertime I’m working out like crazy, paying attention to what I’m eating and try to get in shape. And then summer arrives. It’s getting warmer, you aren’t as much at home as you used to be because you can go swimming, grilling, killing some beers (very poetic today) or just relax in the sun. Most of the time it’s too hot to do something productive except for reading a book at the pool…working out? NO thank you! But ask yourself – is it really too hot inside to do some push ups, some squats and some jumping jacks? Or is your inner voice telling you “the summer is here, working out isn’t necessary anymore – we did everything we can, you’ve got your desired summer body so calm down and eat an ice cream” ?

To beat this inner voice I wrote down 4 reasons why you should stick to your workouts in summer.

1. Do it for yourself.
Of course relaxing is the best when there are 30° outside and we should take our time to regenerate and get some energy! Anyway it’s not good to eat ice cream all day, drink beer and refuse to do something for your body. It doesn’t have to be stressful, don’t force yourself to something you don’t want to do. Go for a walk at the beach, go Pokémon hunting (😂) or do some squats while brushing your teeth. Your body will thank you.

2. Eating without regrets.
I guess we all know this feeling…been relaxing in the sun all day and in the evening you ate too much at the barbecue (I started to call my tummy my food baby afterwards hahah). And suddenly you feel like a ball rolling around – so basically you did nothing all day except for eating and relaxing…being honest I personally don’t like this feeling.

To do something against it I would recommend to do a workout for your whole body every morning for one hour. When you’re going to the gym and want to train a bit more intense I’d train two special parts of your body that are connected (Back & Abs, Butt & Legs, Triceps & Biceps, Shoulders & Chest) so you can focus on them and get more defined.


3. You feel good with and without clothes on

This is probably the most convincing point: You feel good! Everybody has parts of their body they don’t like – this is completely normal, trust me! Being able to change my insecurity into confidence was the reason why I started to work out. At the time I was very thin without any power. And guess what – there is no better feeling than picking up your suitcase from the baggage claim conveyor without asking someone to help you.
With power also muscles are coming – and surprisingly many girls are afraid of them. “I don’t want to train my arms because someday I will get a humongous biceps like the boys do”…I get that a lot when talking to friends about lifting. In fact this won’t be possible because the body needs testosterone for enlarging your muscles. On average the amount of testosterone from a male is 100% bigger so there really is nothing to worry about. 🙂 And when you’re a male person reading my blog right now then: Hey you’re damn lucky


4. Your work will be visible

Lastly one of the best parts…Your work will be visible! Always wanted to get rid of the belly fat or your cellulite? Just start to work out, focus on a balanced nutrition and drink lots of water (2 liters a day). I know it sounds hard but if you want to do it you will definitely achieve it.

To start right away I wanted to link my favorite workouts down below – these ones I usually do when I’m not going to (too lazy for) gym 🙂


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