My Styling Rules For Always Looking Put Together

My Styling Rules For Always Looking Put Together

Bonjour everybody,

yesterday I decluttered my Laptop and found some very interesting old pictures of me and my style. It was obvious that I didn’t have a clue about what to style with a special color/ material etc. but at this moment I thought that it all looked super gorgeous and stylish. My mom tried to prevent those happenings but I was stubborn (maybe I still am a little bit) and didn’t care about the other opinions.

Sometimes I still have days where nothing really fits together and I just don’t know what to wear. At this point I have made up some rules for myself which are always making the best of my bad-outfit day and I wanted to share them with you.

This is just my opinion and what works for me 🙂

1. Mix loose and tight pieces

When I was younger I loved to wear a tank-top with skinny jeans. To create a more stylish and easy look I would recommend to mix loose and tight pieces. That’s why you’ll never go wrong with a loose shirt and skinny jeans. You still can pimp it up a little by putting a part of it into your skinny jeans at the front. The outfit looks relaxed and effortless but not boring.


2. Crop Tops work best with High-waisted jeans

Everybody had a time in their life where Crop Tops were THE THING and always wore them…or is it just me? 😀 Anyway, over the years I experienced that these tops work best with High-waisted jeans. Why? Crop Tops are showing off a lot of skin and paired with these jeans they don’t look too tacky.

3. Polyester socks are no good

Just trust me.

4. Stick to Basics and add one key piece

This is probably my go to rule – don’t go overboard when it comes to key pieces. Too much looks also most of the time not very good. When you have a colorful jacket full of studs and glitter I wouldn’t wear a mesh top underneath but one in a neutral shade like black, white, grey or beige. The material of the key piece can be special and an eye-catcher the other materials should be more basic like cotton for example.


5. Neutrals are your best friends

Black, grey, white, beige, rose, nude, (khaki)…six shades you can always go for! Shirts and trousers in those colors are my basics – you can basically mix everything with them. These are also the clothing items I grab firstly when I’m packing my suitcase because they’re super easy to style.


6. Keep it simple

My accessories are always simple. I am not a fan of statement chains or big earrings during the day time because they simply don’t work for me. Because of my thick hair too big earrings are looking kind of bulky and that’s why I (most of the time) don’t wear any or just pearl ones.


7. You can never go wrong with a good bag

Most of my money (when it comes to fashion) is invested into good handbags. Why? Because they pimp up every outfit and when you’re taking care of them they can last you a lifetime. 


Do you have any rules concerning your outfits? Write me in the comments below!


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