After 4 years living in Munich my parents decided to move to Berlin and Austria. My father is Austrian and that’s also why I burr – due to that some people think that I’m Croatian or Russian which I’m not. And for everybody who asks me: Emeluschka is my nickname and not my real name. Currently I’m studying Psychology in Amsterdam.

The blog „emeluschka“ was in my mind for several months. On a cold winter day my boyfriend and I sat on a bench drinking coffee when he persuaded and encouraged me to start my blog. And well, here we are. I just love to inspire, experimenting with fashion and traveling. On my blog I wanna share with you what I love – mixed with my thoughts, my style and your opinions!

If you have any recommendations, ideas, questions or want to contact me for business inquiries just write me: www.emi.knafl@gmx.de

I hope you enjoy your day and don’t let others push you down because you’re a hella cool person!

love, em