Asics Gel-Lyte III ‘Snowflake’

Bonjour everybody!

Holidays are ending (ya, I’m crying too) and school’s starting again. Whatever, I had holidays for two weeks and they were wonderful. My family and I spent lots of time together we even went on a trip to Berlin. Within these days I learned to cherish my family again because in my age there are things in my life who just seem more important like friends and school. This is ok we are teens and that is our time to figure things out, right?
Anyways, getting back to the thing I actually wanted to write about. My new gorgeous babies.
Like I mentioned before I’ve been in Berlin and the actual reason why we were traveling there was that I had to make a blog post about the Mall of Berlin. It’s basically a huge shopping centre near to the Leipziger Platz.

Don’t worry I mean sneakers 😀

It’s a comparison to the KaDeWe (another shopping centre – I’m preferring it though ’cause it’s just the original, old one and full of my childhood-memories). 
So we went to the Mall and I found a nice pair of sneakers wich my boyfriend recommended me and I was very lucky because they were on sale (yeayyy).

They’re from Asics and are called the Gel-Lyte III ‘Snowflake’.

Even though I’m not a big fan of this brand, these shoes stole my heart. The gorgeous tiffany (cyan) blue suede leather combined with the white retro rubber sole fit perfectly together. Best of all is the split tongue wich you can see if you take a closer look. Just as the ‘Gel’ letters hiding behind a net in the back. The details are really getting me and do make me happy like a little child (U see, the small things are countin’).

Most.Comfy.Sneakers. No lie.

They are a limited edition so I’d recommend hurrying up with buying them.
Are you just as me a sneaker freak? Tell me what your favorite sneakers are! I love to find new inspirations.



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