Cool VS. Elegant – Styling A Leather Jacket

Cool VS. Elegant – Styling A Leather Jacket

Bonjour everybody,

I haven’t seen you for a long time and still hope that you’re doing well. At the moment I’m taking a break from studying for my finals…at least the written ones are all done!

Because of the strange weather I wanted to present you two outfits with my go-to piece: a leather jacket – in my opinion this kind of jacket is one of the best and easiest ways to change your style. Just wearing a hoodie and chucks? How about a leather jacket on top? You don’t want to be overdressed at the party? How about a leather jacket to dress it down?

Seriously this little friend is very helpful sometimes. With these ways of styling I wanted to escape the “casual way” and create something a bit different – a cool/grungy look and a more elegant look.

1. Back In Black

For me this is a typical cold summer day outfit…when the sun’s out you can take the leather jacket off and enjoy the warmth and in the evening you can put it on again. I am sensitive to cold and always have cold hands that’s why I love to have a cardigan in my bag (just in case).




The combination of black clothes and silver hardware is one of my favorites because it always looks classy and cool. To make everything more interesting I decided to play with different textures – the leather, the pattern on the bag and the jeans textures seem harmonious but still create an eye catching effect.






Leather Jacket by Acne

Basic Black Top





2. Stars ‘n Stripes

I was so excited to show you this outfit…Besides the leather jacket the focus is definitely on the skirt with lengthways stripes which is a dupe to the (extremely expensive) Tibi or Valentino skirt. To be honest combining this extraordinary skirt was no walk in the park but the final look is quite satisfying.




The base is a black shirt, black tights and black shoes…it’s very important to keep your base monochrome otherwise the outfit won’t look clean and classic. Everything is topped off with the leather jacket which dresses the bulky skirt down but still suits. I think that the pictures speak for themselves…I am in love with both looks and with the jacket of course!






Bag, Jacket and T-Shirt are the same as in look no.1

Skirt (originally from Tibi/ mine is from Topshop and unfortunately not available anymore)





Hopefully these two outfits were inspiring and maybe you developed some new ideas on how to style your leather jacket up and down. You also can combine a fake leather jacket (of course) if you prefer. Next week I’m escaping the mixed w13221069_1011042742317305_4082212977051635127_neather because we are going to Spain! If you want to see more of my life and hear me rambling about my recent purchases or favorite songs add me on snapchat (emeluschkaa):


                                      Enjoy your day,



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  1. Mai 13, 2016 / 1:30 pm

    Deine Outfits treffen immer genau meinem Geschmack ! Hoffentlich spinnt das Wetter bald nicht mehr so,ist echt nervig.>_<

  2. Mai 28, 2016 / 9:26 am

    Bevor ich den Post angeklickt habe, hätte ich ja gewettet, dass mir die coole Kombi eher zusagt. Aber der Rock ist so klasse, dass ich nun doch zum eleganten Look tendiere 🙂

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

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