Fairy me!

Bonjour everybody!
Be honest – who of you wanted to become a princess or a fairy when you were a child? 
But my chances to get one of both are extremely small and not my life goal anymore.. 😀
Anyways, sometimes we all need some more glitter and fairy dust. But instead of posting pictures of glitter, I decided to pick a few items who are making me feel (or at least look) like a princess.
Usually I’m someone who prefers black clothes and casual stuff, but a few crazy pieces are no wrong choice…
You may know the quotation ‘Think pink, but don’t wear it’ – with this post I want people to change their opinion about this color, maybe getting spunkier with experimenting. 
One of the things I want to achieve is increasing my fashion-horizon and I guess unicorn-slippers are the perfect start.

(Btw. I made this collage with Polyvore – check out my profil if you want to: http://keeptheshoes.polyvore.com/)

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