Fall Trends 2016

Fall Trends 2016

Missing fall this summer makes me feel two things:

  1. Being happy to miss the rainy, squishy days in Germany where everyone is busy studying or working.
  2. Being sad to miss my friends and family…and the great trends that will come!

So without further ado I’m going to show you my favorite trends for fall 2016.This season it’s all about the 90’s which are completely coming back this year! Don’t think so? Well here are a few examples: chokers, bomber jackets, bleached hair (thanks to JB or better said Justin Timberlake to create this trend) and plateau heels.

But there’s something “new” from the 90’s which is coming again.

Statement Shirts

Always a nice way to tell how you feel, what you like or just for fun. Some people like to wear the initials from the designer (like CK, D&G), others like to get a message out there like Gigi Hadid. The possibilities to style it are nearly limitless…in both pictures you can see that the colors of the pants are matching with the colors of the font, which is the most elegant and stylish way to combine them.


@Sandra Semburg



Gigi Hadid (the statements on her shirts are hilarious guys! Check them out.)


My favorite statement shirthttp://www.rad.co/de/i-don-t-need-valentine-171246.html


Long Sleeves

A trend I absolutely love because usually all sleeves are too short for my extremely long arms haha (thanks for those genes mom). The second advantage is that you don’t freeze! As seen at the shows of Tibi, Jason Wu, and Creatures of Comfort this will be a trend for Fall 2016. I already saw a nice on in the Edited store…too bad that I’m going to be in Asia for the next months.


Tibi, Jason Wu, and Creatures of Comfort


My favorite long sleeve sweatshirthttps://www.edited.de/product/Oversized-Pullover-Meike-3447985:32601699



Metallic is seen everywhere…in Instagram nail tutorials, on bloggers and of course in all our favorite stores. I would stick to one key piece, mix different metallics in your accesories (like Masha Sedgwick) or (when you want it a bit crazier) combine the metallic piece with other patterned pieces (like Nina Suess in this photo).


©Nina Suess



Ralph Lauren // Image Source: IMAXTREE / DANIELE OBERRAUCHD


My favorite metallic piecehttp://www.asos.de/Vila-Satin-Bomberjacke-in-Metallic-Optik


Velvet + Slip Dress

“She wore blue velvet, bluer than velvet as the night…” Lana del Rey already knew in 2012 that velvet is sexy, elegant and looks so pretty! Being honest I have never been a fan of velvet…it kind of reminded me of old curtains haha. But a velvet slip dress combined with a shirt underneath is cute, stylish and doesn’t remind me of old curtains at all! When you are a fan of the series “Friends” this may sound familiar to you..

Also velvet or a slip dress not combined are seen and loved in fall 2016! But in both cases be careful to not dress it up too much, keep it in a cool, effortless and stylish way. Inspo is beneath the text!




©Collage Vintage


Acielle / Style du Monde

My favorite velvet slip dresshttp://shop.mango.com/GB/p0/woman/clothing/dresses/velvet-dress/?id=73095615_80&n=1&s=prendas.vestidosprendas



Ruffles…one of my favorite trends. I remember having a satin forest green dress from Zara when I was about 12 years old…it had ruffles on the button border and looked so incredibly pretty. My sister also had one (which I didn’t take as a compliment these days) and we both wore it nearly every week. With 14 (!) my mom forced me to throw it away because it wasn’t possible for me to move my shoulders in it anymore haha. So maybe you got from this little story that I loove ruffles so much!


Alexander McQueen Fall 2016


My favorite ruffle piece: http://www.hm.com/de/product/55514?article=55514-A&cm_vc=SEARCH#article=55514-B


Which are your favorite trends for FW 2016? Write me in the comments below!



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