Finding comfort in clichés

Bonjour everybody,
#findingcomfortinclichés..that’s what my boyfriend’s sister wrote underneath her picture with a new (gorgeous) hair cut. The hashtag kinda made me smile because I had a situation this week where the quote just fitted perfectly.

My sister and my dad weren’t at home so me and my mom decided to have a coffee in our favorite little café which belongs to my best friend’s mom. It was (finally) a sunny day so I grabbed jeans jacket and my very cool hat – Even if it wasn’t that warm the feeling of sitting outside and drinking coffee was very nice.

I talked a lot with my mom wich is always wonderful because she’s a perfect advisor and just a great person to talk to. Unfortunately I tend to forget this between all the stress and business we have. My best friend and her mom also joined us – and I just felt so happy. I did the things I loved in this moment – talking and drinking coffee. I know it sounds super cliché but that’s exactly what this blog post is about.
Sometimes it’s important to escape the whole “I-need-to-study-wheres-the-food” mood and let go. Even if I like to be special and like to dress differently – some clichés can make you really happy!

Go and meet your best friend or (like me) go for a coffee with your mom.
If you don’t have time to go outside the house make yourself a cup of tea and watch an episode of your favorite series (I know it’s hard but try not to watch two episodes – I’m a netflix victim so any help is vain). Or draw! I love drawing.
Another idea is to take a hot bath and use the skin mask you always wanted to use but never had time for.
Here are some inspirations:



I hope you’ll have a great week and may have time for a few chill out seconds.

Do you have special things that make you happy? – If so, tell me!


Jeans-jacket: Second hand shop in Paris
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan underneath: my bf’s but I guess it’s from H&M divided
Leggings: Calzedonia


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  1. März 3, 2015 / 10:11 am

    Lovely Emily,
    how right you are! #findingcomfortinclichés can be exactly what all of us need from time to time. Especially when you're feeling down, it's worth trying to live your life as if it were a movie for a moment. Think about what would happen in that movie and then do exactly that. Put on your favorite clothes, put on the soundtrack of your life, get a coffee and stroll through the city, smiling at everyone! It'll feel like a "my-point-of-view" camera setting in a chichi rom-com! Sometimes it's easier to find out what we want and who we are when looking at ourselves from an outside perspective…
    You are a great and very smart girl – I'm lucky to know you! Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the clichés that make you happy!

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