Get The Coachella Style!

Bonjour everybody,

my holidays are unfortunately over and school’s starting again…yeay…Anyway this week was a great event in Los Angeles called the Coachella Festival! One of my biggest dreams is to go there when I’m older – because of the styles, the music and just because of L.A. To bring the Coachella “feeling” to you I decided to create a collage with all the stuff I think is made for a great summery night.
The outfit as whole is a very chilly one with nice patterns on the kimono and a hippie knitting pattern on the shirt! I especially love paisley and also have the same kimono – it’s very gorgeous. To emphasize the kinda boho/indie style I added a very nice bracelets, some earrings and a chain, which are all very detailed and beautiful. Don’t forget the little arrow temporary tattoo in the lower left corner!
In summer (also during the other seasons) it’s very important for you to stay hydrated – that’s why I always have a bottle of water with me.
The bag, the sunglasses and the iPhone case are the perfect accessories for a complete Coachella-look!

P.S: A great person for inspiring Coachella looks is Vanessa Hudgens! 

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