We can feel it everywhere…

In the supermarket, at the favorite kiosk, during the phone call of your grandma – Christmas is coming!

Wouldn’t the stress at uni/school/work be enough? Somehow December turns into one big deadline for everything – finish your assignment, clean your entire apartment, and the most important one: look for Christmas gifts for all your loved ones. And without acknowledging Christmas time becomes one of the most stressful times of the year.

For me to cope with this time there are three remedies: Meditation, Yoga and Organization

Today we will focus on organization (More to the other remedies in future blogposts). Having a plan makes (in my opinion) everything easier and lets me work more effectively. That’s why I always listen to my friends and family during the year when they mention something they would really like to get and voilà: Here you have your Christmas presents. For those of you who missed that or simply have friends who basically have already everything I collected some inspiration for you.

Your Mama, Dad, Sister, Boyfriend – This Christmas guide is suitable for every one!

All products you find in there are selected and loved by me…I would get every single product if I could haha (and not only for my friends…trust me).

Let me know in the comments below what you are getting your family and friends (or maybe what you wish for) – maybe you don’t even celebrate Christmas at all. Either way I’m excited to hear from you guys! I will be updating the guide with cool other items soon!

Enjoy your Christmas time!

*source of the picture: pinterest


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