Go pink or go home

Bonjour y’all!

today I’m showing you my new favourite dress which I picked up recently in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Honestly guys if you’ve never been there – go there! It’s one of the most chic and beautiful little cities of Italy…especially the people there are very interesting. From old grannys in Chanel to tanned and partly sunburned couples in skinny jeans (yep both…and wayy to skinny).

Anyway, inspired by this broad range of looks I told myself to watch out for something special – something that you can’t find at every corner of my city.
After a while a store called “Pepita” crossed my way and there was this dress (it was love at the first sight).

My wishes all came true – lucky me the dress was the last one in my size and it is one of twenty unique neoprene dresses of Pepita. The shopgirl wore the same dress and she told me that because of the neoprene you are able to cut and change the dress just as you want. An interesting idea but nothing for me – when it comes to my wardrobe I’m very careful. 
The style of the dress is from the neck to the chest very close-fitting. At the middle of my chest it gets an A-line shape and ends about 15cm above the knee. The colour is a pretty pink which is not too loud but yet gaudy – did I mention that pink is one of my favourite colours? 😀
I didn’t have many options with the shoes ’cause I only had two pair of shoes with me but these ones fit really well. They’re from a little store and I forgot the name of it but the shoes are by Amy Gee. The plateau is very comfortable net optic gives more detail. 
My recent jewellery are my bracelets.
From left to right (left picture)
The gold one is by Asos
The one with the cloverleaf is by Pommellato/Dodo
The pink one with hearts is by Cruciani
And the last one is by leaf

The tattoo on the right picture is a present (secret lovegang tattoo b)
The bracelet with the skull is by ANNA
And the last one is also from Cruciani (link above)

Btw my holidays are ending and busy weeks are coming – so please be lenient with me
I will blog in every spare time (pinky promise)


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