Hot Summer // Tips For Healthy Hair

Hot Summer // Tips For Healthy Hair

Hello everyone,

Currently I’m laying in the sun and enjoying my holidays! To be honest it takes a lot of organizing (for me) to have great holidays: the right destination, a good place to stay and of course a big suitcase full of clothes. I am a big fan of To-Do lists because I’m a oblivious person but still I have the same problem every summer holidays: keeping my hair healthy

I have naturally wavy/curly hair which starts to frizz when there’s just a bit of moisture in the air. And unfortunately it dries out very fast when I’m laying in the sun at the beach. To prevent a visit at the hair dresser afterwards I decided to test a few products to keep my hair moist and soft.

After a day at the beach when your hair came in contact with chlorine or salt water shampoo and condition your hair as usual. To reach nourished hair use a hair mask on top.


First of all brush your hair gently with a good brush – I would recommend a brush with natural bristles or a tangle teezer.


Afterwards use an oil to give your hair the needed moisture back. You can use coconut oil, macadamia oil or avocado oil. In my case it is a avocado oil by St. Barth. Warm it up in your hands and than massage the oil into the lengths of your hair. Your hair will look greasy when you apply it onto your roots so be careful! 🙂


I would recommend letting your hair dry for 10 to 20 minutes – your blow dry won’t take as long as usually and won’t damage your hair that much. To keep everything soft and smooth I use the Noah silk cream and apply it onto the lengths (big recommendation!! found this in an Italian supermarket in a desperate hair situation haha).


Tip: To straighten your hair blow-dry your hair gently with a brush against it. When you want to hide split ends just blow-dry them in a circular motion against your brush to create some movement. To optimize your look flip your head over and blow-dry your hair from above: you will get more volume but not in a frizzy but controlled and stylish way!


Hopefully I prevented some hair horror stories – tell me what you use to keep your hair nourished and soft in the comments below!




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