How To Find Your Personal Style

How To Find Your Personal Style

Bonjour everybody,

Today I wanted to write about a topic many people have been asking me about. “How did you find your personal style?” is not only a question others ask myself, I do it too – do I even have a “style”? I like to express myself through fashion when I feel punky I take an old big sweater with tights and Doc Martens, when I feel fancy I put on my big black hat or eye-catching shoes…there is no recipe.

But there are some things that can help you to find the clothes you enjoy wearing.

1. Buy The Things You Like

Do you know the feeling when you get into a store and see THE most beautiful dress which looks like it’s made just for you? But then you start to think “Nah, I would never wear this, I bet that it doesn’t suit my body and my boyfriend will hate it.” No! Don’t let these thoughts win. You like the dress? Great, try it on and if you like it wear it. It is you who has to feel good and comfortable in it not your boyfriend or your best friend which get’s us to the next point.

2. Wear The Clothes You Feel Comfortable And Good In

Don’t squeeze your body into a size 34 when you are a size 38. Maybe you will feel good for 2 seconds that you made it into those jeans but I promise you that sitting/jumping/dancing won’t be possible. This size wasn’t made to suit your body (and everybody can see that) so go with the size you usually wear.

It will make you feel better and the cut flatters your body and doesn’t make you look like your laundry shrank while it was in the washer. You can apply this rule to any fashion item – shoes, bras, tops etc.

3. Get inspired

Fashion is made of inspiration. The Fashion Weeks are showing new trends which will be printed in magazines. People get inspired by these trends and post pictures of them wearing something similar. This will be seen by others who also are getting inspired and tell their friends and so on. That’s the way how fashion works.

Sometimes everybody has a “creative pause” where you absolutely do not know what to wear or what to do. Even for me some blogposts are hell because I have to think about every sentence and it just doesn’t flow…but that’s normal! In this case I like to get inspired from the internet: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram are the key!


4. Do Not Copy

There is a fine line between getting inspired and copying. We all had a phase were we were suuuper fangirling about a famous woman with great beauty and style…Chiara Ferragni, Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner I could tell you about so many women with a beautiful style.


Sometimes we tend to forget that we can’t be another person especially throughout the teenage years. Everybody goes through these times where you think “Why can’t I just be like her/him? Why is my life so boring in contrast to these people?” But you know what there is a reason why you are you and not somebody else. You can’t be another person because she’s already taken you only can be yourself and make the best of it. And I know this sounds super cheesy but there are people who love you for who you are and not for who you’re trying to be.

5. Think Outside The Box

I can remember the day when I bought my first pair of Doc Martens like it was yesterday. It took nearly a year to convince my parents to let me buy and wear those shoes but then they finally allowed me to buy them. They were red with black laces on the left shoe and yellow laces on the right. My male friends were kind of shocked and not really nice “Wow you look like an idiot in those shoes?” “Haven’t you heard? Emily’s a punk now” “You look like a f***ing clown!”. With fourteen years you don’t have the biggest confidence but I was so happy about finally having those shoes that I didn’t care about the others opinions. I was proud to get something I wanted for so long. And guess what a few months later they started to like the shoes and some friends considered to buy them, too. This is thinking outside the box for me – trying out new things and do them because you like them.

So next time you see the strange sweatshirt with glitter all over buy it. Don’t let others influence you (if I cared about the hate I got when I first started my blog, it wouldn’t be online anymore)


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