Look of the day: Wanna furry me?

Bonjour everybody,
hope you’re all doing well.
This week my exchange partner from Milan visited me for a week. We had a lot of fun – the Italians are the funniest and loudest folks I’ve ever met – and now I know tons of swearwords in Italian haha. Besides laughing and drinking a lot of beer (these guys are awake 24/7 – no joke)we also visited many sights.
However during the sightseeing I had the chance to notice some cool street styles – which is kinda difficult in my city ’cause it’s full of Michael-Kors-bags-wearing-straight-hair-i’m-too-cool-for-you girls. 
I decided to go for a very casual outfit which (I later discovered) includes a lot of trends. The boyfriend jeans (Zara) combined with a casual top (Zara) is my base. On top I added the Palestine scarf (Daddy’s so idk) that creates a kind of indie effect. 
My favorite part here is my cream colored jacket (H&M), which looks like fur and is as soft as cotton-balls. It gives the whole outfit a sassy touch – btw everybody wants to touch you with this jacket on so a lot of calm is recommended here 😀 The bag (Louis Vuitton) is just a classy piece and goes with everything; I love this bag so much.
Usually I like to wear my socks in eye-catching colors but these were in the laundry sooo I went with the black ones. The shoes are my babies, they’re my customized version of the Stan Smith Sneakers by Adidas and they are super comfortable. My feet are hurting really fast because of walking but in this case I didn’t complain for ten hours because there was nothing to complain about.
The glasses are from Ray Ban and weren’t actually mine…I just had to borrow them from my friend who also took the pictures because it was too sunny to have a relaxing face expression without getting blinded 😀 But I still think that they’re very cool – the best thing is that the frame is black velvet – definitely a good investment in something different. (Btw they feel like heaven on your nose because the velvet is so soft!)

My accessories are simple today because I wanted to focus on the clothes. The ring is by my boyfriend, the heart bracelet by a little store in my city and the black bracelet with the cloverleaf is by DoDo.  

Wish you all great easter holidays – 2 weeks no school yeaayy.
Don’t worry new blogposts are already in progress and in the next time I have time to keep you updated so if you have any wishes which I should blog about just let me know!


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