My current face routine

Bonjour everybody,

at the moment I’m in Italy and relaxing with my family and my boyfriend. I forgot how beautiful it is to wake up with the sun on my face and hearing the birds sing (not to forget the granny’s who are screaming: Aspetta!! Ciaooo bellissimaaa! – in the morning). Anyways, the feeling of summer is just irreplaceable…the warm sun and the sea air are pure happiness.
Our apartment is about 400 meters away from the sea that’s why we are spending our days mainly on the beach in the warm sun. Every time when I’m at the sea I notice that my skin get’s better and that all of my illnesses are slowly getting killed – the salty water and air are really working miracles.

Like I said my skin got better with the climate here which I’m were happy about because my skin was freaking out the past 3 months…I tried out some new skin care products from Korea and all they did was messing my skin up even more.

Just that you know, my skin is mainly dry and sensitive. Sometimes it’s a bit ‘oily’ (for my conditions) around the nose. My cheeks are blowzy which I inherit from my granny. I never had acne or something like that. Sometimes I have spots but usually my skin is clear. With the Korean products my skin got (very!) uneven and very small, hardly visible milia showed up and my pores got bigger.

So after my bad experience I went to the pharmacy and asked kinda desperately for help. Which I got. And after one month usage I can say that they’re my skin-savers.

So basically these products are my current day and night facial routine:
1. To remove all of my make up or just to get rid of the dirt I use my Bioderma Sensibio h2o for sensitive skin. It works best with cotton pads – this is just the most gentle make up remover I ever tried.
2. For cleansing my face I use the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel by La Roche-Posay which is anti-bacterial and removes sebum and impurities. For me it’s important to not dry my skin out with a cleanser, that’s why this one is without alcohol, dyestuffs or parabens.
3. This one is the Bioderma Sébium Purifying Concentrate Gentle Peel. It’s very aggressive and kills your breakouts immediately – that’s why I use it just every second evening and only in the areas where I tend to breakout. It also evens out irregular skin. Do not wash this off btw! (my mistake..)
4. Now as moisturizer I use the Rosaliac Emulsion by La Roche-Posay. It helped me a lot (!) by reducing the redness of my cheeks.
5. The Sébium Pore Refiner is my absolute favourite facial product and a personal tip. As I said, I got bigger pores after the Korean cosmetic (what really annoyed me because big pores just don’t make a good skin complexion), so I wanted to get my ‘old’ skin back. After applying this you really see how your pores are starting to tighten.
For the beauty lovers – this is a cheaper alternative to the benefit porefessional!
6. Last but not least my eye cream. The area around my eyes is often dry and wrinkly. The La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense works with hyaluronic acid and caffeine to stop puffiness and reduce dark circles and eye bags. It really does!
Tell me what you are using at the moment! If you have any questions you can write me on instagram: _emeluschka_
or on emilyalinak
or in the comments below of course 😉
I hope you all are having a beautiful day and never say die.
btw here’s a picture of the beautiful beach 🙂



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