My face of today (?)

Bonjour everybody,
Hope you’re well!
Today I wanted to post a “face of today” (I think that sounds super weird like – look my face was like this yesterday and today I bought a new one – doesn’t it look beautiful??). Yes I’m a bit weird but I guess everybody is 😀
I picked up a new make up ’cause my old one is empty and I wanted to try something new. So here are my results:
I don’t always wear my glasses but if I do, I like to brighten my eyes a little to focus them. The form of my eyebrows fits perfectly together with the form of the glasses so that’s why I like to fill them in. My face is kind of round/oval and to hide this a little bit I like to conture my cheekbones and highlight my cheeks. In the end the lipgloss gives my face and more color because it’s a very sweet pink color which also plumps my lips and gives them a fuller look.
Make up: Misslyn – 24h
Bronzer: Mac – Harmony
Rouge: Mac – Dainity
Highlighter: Benefit – high beam
Eyebrow powder: Sleek – brow kit dark
Eyeliner (outside): Missha – black art liquid pen liner
Liner (inside): Benefit – eye bright
Lipgloss: Urban Decay Naked – lovechild
Mascara: eyeko – black magic
Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

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  1. April 12, 2015 / 11:51 am

    your eye colour is insane! I know I should probably comment on the makeup but.. you know me and my love for the simple things 🙂 beautiful nevertheless. xx

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