My First JetPeel

Bonjour everybody!

Hope you all are doing well – at least better than me. I got a cold during a school trip to London and the cough and the stuffy nose are driving me crazy. Anyway, before I went to London I visited Palais Beauté by Dr.Gath in Munich.
After a lovely welcome with a detox drink, an iced tea and some fresh jellies, Dr.Gath and Susanne Westermann the cosmetologist told me every single information about my future JetPeel.

The whole idea is based on a healthy way to get beautiful skin. A JetPeel is for those kind of people who don’t have time for a week in a spa to look (and feel) relaxed but want a time where they can chill and get a clear mind and face.
But first – what’s JetPeel?
JetPeel is a nozzle with an agent-gas mixture which gets with 720 km/h into the skin. Because of the microscopic little nozzles and the 90° angle placement of them this peeling doesn’t hurt at all and goes immediately through the pores into the skin.
At first Mr.Westermann did a lymphatic drainage to help the skin with absorbing the following agents. After that I got a peeling with glycol acid to deep cleanse the pores and to disperse the dead skin like little scabs.
For choosing the right agents Susanne showed me all of them and explained what they were for. We decided to use hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to moisture my skin (because it’s very dry) and to soften the redness on my cheeks.

The whole process was not hurting at all! Like you (I guess) I thought that 720 km/h of a mixture getting into your skin can’t be soft – but it is. Of course, the feeling is different because I never tried something like that but never once painful.
JetPeel is great for those of you who have to deal with great acne or unclear skin. Thanks to the peeling and the lymphatic drainage the skin gets well-prepared for the agents. The result of JetPeel is a glowy, fully moisturized skin and looks smooth and sleek.

As you can see on the picture above, my skin looks afterwards more glowy and soft. Also the redness on my cheeks faded. The overall image is healthier and more beautiful.
What I like the most about the peeling is the glow and the tightened pores afterwards.
Because of the many freckles in my skin it can look impure, but after the treatment my skin looks more glowy (but not shiny!) and more clear.
I have to say that I really liked the treatment and the nice people in the doctor’s office. Also because of the great service you can relax and escape your stressful reality for a few hours.
For more informations you can click at Dr.Gaths page:
I like that JetPeel is something between the face mask at home and a surgery.
You also can decide how long you want the effect to stay by doing more JetPeeling treatments, so if you have to deal with acne and want to get rid of it or simply want to look good for an event you should go for it!
For any questions just click the palais beauté page or write me in the comments below.
And don’t forget to be happy – holidays are coming!



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