Back in cold Germany I really see the difference of the weather temperature on my skin. It was very humid in Asia and warm of course compared to Germany. A few hours after I’ve arrived my lips started to crack up again, my hands got rough and I knew…the time has come again. Nourishing your skin is extremely important during the winter time that’s why I wanted to show you some of my beauty favorites! I also wanted to include my lifestyle favorites so here’s a mix of everything and for everyone! Btw during the shooting I recognized that all these things are good christmas presents too – so now you have my favorites and a gift guide (couldn’t it be better?) haha.


After two months living in a very humid area (90% in most of the parts of Asia) my hair looked frizzy and wasn’t tamed at all because I had no blow dryer. That’s why I was super happy about the present my mom put in my advent calendar (one of the benefits of living at home)! It’s the John masters organics exlixir which helps to prevent frizz and nourishes the hair. I tried it a couple times and it feels really light and smells very good! Also I’m happy to be back in Germany because I can spread my excitement for Christmas all over the place – in my room and on myself haha. As you can see on instagram (@emeluschka) I absolutely love wearing Christmas sweaters and nail polish! I figured that gold is one of the best colors to represent my mood which is the reason why I’m wearing this nail polish by essie (color “getting groovy”) excessively.


This body lotion is by far one of the best ones I’ve ever tried. As I mentioned before my skin is getting dry especially during the winter time which is the reason why I always use body lotion after having a bath or shower. This body balm smells from Aesop like mandarin and bergamot – these two scents combined are smelling like a fresh and clean winter day…I can’t really describe it you just gotta to try it yourself. In my opinion this would be a great present for your mom just because moms are often stressed and need more time for themselves. Maybe you can make a box full of different treat-yourself products and this one is a must-have!


I’ver never been a fan of the typical perfumes that you smell on every girl, in every club. All I wanted was a fresh and clean scent for the summer time but I figured that it suits the cold winter days as well. I found it in Amsterdam and was amazed! “Clean” by White Woods could be worn by men and women.


When it comes to the glow we all want I definitely found two holy grail products. The first one is by Charlotte Tilbury called “Wonderglow” which illuminates the skin and gives a nice glowy touch to it. I also use it without any make up to optically brighten up the skin a little. To add some highlight (because you can never have enough) the Sleek solstice palette is just amazing! I never thought that a product this cheap can be better than any Mac/Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter…and that’s why I’m even happier to tell you that Sleek products are finally available in German drugstores!


As you can see the Mario Badescu drying lotion is loved very much at my home. I discovered it on Kylie Jenners snapchat where she highly recommended it – and I have to confess that it’s amazing! The liquid consists of two phases, one watery solution on the top and a thicker one on the bottom. Now the important part: do not shake it! Just put your q-tip into the thicker solution, dab onto your pimples and wash it off in the next morning. It dries your little problems out over night and reduces the size and the swelling immediately.


Maybe you know these days when your hair doesn’t have the volume you want…then this dry shampoo by Aussie is great! The texture is similar to a hair spray rather than a powdery dry shampoo and I would not recommend using it for greasy hair – it’s more of a volume booster. But for different hairstyles etc. it’s the best!


During my time in Asia I really started to love my Kindle which is one of the best inventions ever if you don’t wanna carry a heavy book around! I almost read 6 books during my holidays which I would never be able to carry in my backpack 🙂 This one would be a great present for these friends who love traveling and reading. Also I bought an hand sanitizer at Bath & Body works and it smells sooo good! One of the best inventions to stay fresh and smell good as well 🙂

Do you have any winter essentials? Write me in the comments below!


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