2016 was a year full of changes.

I finished High School, travelled for 2 months, started a YouTube channel, met some crazy new people and also lost some people. I realized that treating yourself is as important as caring about others and that you don’t always have to be present in your friends life to be present in their mind. I turned eighteen which means that by law I’m a grown-up and that’s what I thought when I was younger: With eighteen you’ve got your life together. Well…there was a day during my journey where my best friend Charly and I looked at each other and said: “Hey we managed this journey without any help of our parents. We’re kinda growing up.”. And it feels strange to know that some of my friends are already studying or the fact that I’m really going to work. So different, so new but so good.

The most important things I’ve learned this year are to let go of things that bring you down and fight for the things you love. Because you’re the one laying in bed at night thinking about the decisions you’ve made and the chances you didn’t take. It maybe hard sometimes but achieving something you wanted is one of the best feelings ever.

To remind myself and for giving you some inspiration I’m going to summarize my resolutions for 2017.

Time Management

Next year I wanna increase the amount of blogposts and YouTube videos on my channels…and I experienced that it’s not that easy to manage a job, social media and friends at the same time. That’s why I want to plan my days better and actually doing what I should (you know there’s always something more interesting like my phone, instagram…)!


In Asia I started to become a little travel addict which is the reason why I want to travel more next year…I’m planning to live for a month in Italy and France, go to New York and many other things. The different cultures, people and food is just amazing. Do you have any destinations you wanna travel to in 2017?

Eat Less Meat

This year I started to think more about my health and informed myself about the different vitamins and amino acids we need…the excuse “Humans have been eating meat since the beginning – why should we stop?” is not working for me anymore. Nowadays we have many possibilities when it comes to nutrition. I also plan on eating vegan for several days / weeks? /   but we’ll see what happens.

Living the moment

Often I catch myself saying “I just have to pass (the week, this test, school, uni….) this and then good times will come”. Just waiting won’t get you anywhere. Do the things you always wanted to. Don’t wait for next year or after your tests. Enjoy every day, think about the positive things, love yourself and surround yourself with people who vibe with you.




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