Outfit // Rose meets Dionysus

Outfit // Rose meets Dionysus

Bonjour everybody,

I hope that you all are doing well so far. The outfit I am showing you today is one of my favorite ones! Currently I’m wearing it so often that I wanted to share it with you!


I have to confess that I’m a jacket addict…when I saw this coat my shopping addiction prevailed – it’s a rose toned coat I mean who can resist at this point – and voilá Zara made another customer happy! When I was younger I used to wear skater clothing and sneaker… there still is this part inside of me and that’s why I (usually) always wear sneakers. Even though the outfit is more on the classy side I like the soft contrast to the shoes.


Since the lace/ slip dress trend nobody complains about me wearing a nightie as a top (which is super comfortable and looks very nice). Especially the lace at the neckline is delicate and adds a romantic style to it.



Let’s talk about my favorite part of the whole outfit: my Gucci Dionysus bag! You guys can’t imagine how badly I wanted this one…you really cannot imagine. After a few months of struggling with myself I decided to spent my own money (no my parents do not buy me fashion items!) on this baby as an A-level price for myself. In my opinion the Dionysus bag is perfection: the genuine leather mixed with suede harmonizes perfectly as well as the silver chain and the buckle which looks like a snake with two lion faces. On the inside it’s divided into 3 sections, the middle one is for e.g. the phone or important things because it has a zipper. Between the suede and the actual bag is a little extra section like a secret stash (very cool in my opinion).


Top –Intimissimi

Coat – Zara

Jeans – Dr. Denim

Shoes – Nike

Bag – Gucci





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