Places To Visit In Milan

Places To Visit In Milan

Bonjour everybody,

When you follow me on my social media accounts (snap: emeluschkaa, instagram: _emeluschka_) then you may know that I stayed in Milan for one week and absolutely enjoyed it! I love the temperament, the food and the language of the Italians…everybody is so open-minded and relaxed (in contrast to some Germans). Luckily I met my exchange partner Anna a few years ago in a German-Italian exchange organized from our schools and since then we are way more than just exchange partners. She became one of my closest friends and whenever we have the time we’re visiting each other.

Anna has a great taste in sights, restaurants and places and she showed them all to me so I wanna share them with you today!

Bar Square (1:08 – Minute in my Youtube Video)

Next to Piazza Piemonte we decided to drink something at „Square Bar“. It’s a bar famous for their aperitives – but there’s a difference between German and Italian aperitives. In Italy you’re usually paying a fixed price (9 to 11€) and for that you’ll get a drink and the possibility to eat as much as you want from the (huge and delicious) buffet.


A store I definitely fell in love with…a beautiful dimmed place where all the showcases were full of silver rings, chains and earrings. I was surprised about the „low“ prices – the jewellery started at about 30€ – even though the store looks way more chique and expensive. Of course I couldn’t resist so I bought myself this bracelet…the paper plane has many different meanings for me and every time I look at it I think about my great time in Milan.

Slow Sud (1:59)

As mentioned before I looove Italian food! Near the dome we found a little restaurant called „Slow Sud“ – slow food from the south (Sicily). And my favorite part: you can sit on SWINGS! Perfect for a clumsy person like me…but hey I didn’t fell on the floor just crashed into our table haha but never mind.

Magnum Store (3:50)

You can customize your.own.magnum. I don’t think that I have to add something here.

Arco della Pace (3:18)

A nice place to relax with your friends, also the bars and restaurants around are full of young people and the food is delicious. My recommendation is a pizzeria called:

Starita (4:11)

The pizzeria with hands down the best pizza in Milan! You really have to go there when you’re in Milan.

Piazza Città di Lombardia & Palazzo della regione (5:10)

One of the hidden places in Milan with a great architecture! When you go inside of the building you have to take the elevator and enjoy the breathtaking view from the highest floor. It’s definitely worth it!

See all the places in my Milan Vlog 🙂 Here are all of my favorite places in one video.


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