Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

Hello everybody and welcome to a new blogpost!

Happy new year! I hope you all enjoyed the time with your family and friends during the holidays. So now we’re having a new year…2016. Don’t you think that it’s kind of frightening how fast the time is passing by? I can remember some things in 2009 like it was yesterday…and now I’m in my senior high school year studying my bum off. Bit crazy that I’m turning 18 this year but never mind! We all have to grow up some day (and your age clearly doesn’t affect your inner age – you know what I mean?). So as I said I’m going to write my finals in a few months and because I am so bad at dealing with stress I had to make a decision between studying and blogging.

I would never give up my blog because it is my favorite hobby and I love fashion, taking pictures,  and all that. So I decided to keep my blog online and will update it monthly (until July) or more depending on the amount of work I have to do. Of course I could slap one or two more blogposts online just to post something but that’s not my preferred option. I want to give you content and lovely pictures – not a post with bad content and without any quality.

Please excuse me for this I’m going to try my best to keep you updated. If you want to see what I’m doing the time off my blog you can follow me on instagram: _emeluschka_ and on Snapchat: sehnsucht-snap. I would love to interact more with you so you can leave me a comment or a snap telling me what you want to read in the next time!

Be patient, better times are coming! (In the end of June I finally will have my A-levels!

Thanks for all of your support,




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