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Februar 24, 2017

Long time no see. I hope you’re all doing great. For me the past month was kind of weird to be honest. The weather is more grey-ish then sunny and there’s not much you can do except for going to cafés or stay inside watching movies. And I love this time but not for a longer period than two weeks. Every year I get this lack of motivation in the beginning and that’s what I wanna end with this post.  So a few of you actually asked me why I’m not posting much and I wanted to update you a little.

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Well, there are many different things I’m doing at the moment. One of the main things is my work where I am every day till afternoon. I’ve been to Berlin a couple of times to visit my friends and work as a waitress on a fashion fair where I learned a lot of things about the people in the fashion industry. One of the main things I’m doing is figuring out what to do in my future – whether to study or not/ where/ what and so on…and being honest it’s really hard to decide between thousands of opportunities. Just one little decision which has a big impact on your future and your education and yes it is as overwhelming as it sounds for me. Another interesting thing I did was the #kaleandme cold pressed juices treatment which was very tasty 🙂 I love juices in general and they tasted super fresh, healthy and yummy at the same time.


Actually no, I don’t. I’ve been spending nearly 15 years in this city and it will forever be my hometown but I’d love to study somewhere else. In Asia I recognized how interesting it is to live on your own and how challenging as well. And I loved it. Certainly it’s a tough decision for a family lover like me to move to another city however they will never get rid of me haha. Nevertheless no one knows what will happen it could be also possible that I’ll stay in Munich and move to another city next year…nothing’s figured out yet.


Over the years I found out that I love cameras. Creating concepts for films all by myself, experimenting with different angles to get the perfect shot, the perfect lighting, shutter speed, aperture and so on. I love creating emotions in films and pictures. For a long time I thought that communication science would be a great subject to study but to be honest it’s not 100% „me“ (and yes I know it sounds super cheesy but I don’t wanna study just for the sake of studying but something that really interests me). At this point I noticed that all I do in my job and free time is filming which I truly love. After a few phone calls with some students in the film industry I figured that cinematography would be the course for me. I’m still thinking about whether to be an intern for one year because the universities I’d like to go to are very difficult to get into and you need some practice to rock the application. So if you have any internships in the film industry write meee 🙂


I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. Being honest I have many potential excuses like a lot of work to do, looking for universities and for internships (which are also a big part) but the truth is that I hate the weather and when it comes to do something productive there’s literally no motivation. I love doing things with 100% power and heart but otherwise I don’t do it at all. Especially on YouTube I want to change the style of my videos and do things a bit differently. On my blog I want to express my passion for photography more but also don’t wanna loose the fashion part and dive more into those two sectors but don’t worry I will be more active on my social media platforms from now on! It’s always great to have people who motivate you and share the same passion like my friends Nina, Erik and Neil (check their blogs out they’re amazing!). Also make sure to check my instagram and instastories (https://www.instagram.com/emeluschka/?hl=de ) there I post something every day. If you have any ideas for blogposts let me know in the comments below or dm me on instagram 🙂 

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