Summer Vibes // EDITED X Lena Terlutter Dress

Summer Vibes // EDITED X Lena Terlutter Dress

Bonjour everybody,

summer has finally arrived! It’s my favorite time of the year…the sun makes me happy, the ice cream is no longer cold but a refresher and everyone’s pretty relaxed because the holidays are starting. After a few weeks of enjoying the sun I finally was able to wear my white dress made by Lena Terlutter without looking like a weird ghost haha.

I’m also very happy about the festival Tollwood in Munich…of course I’ll be filming some impressions of my visit which you can see on Sunday on my new YouTube channel –> here’s the link...I’d be so happy if you will check it out and leave a comment or subscribe for free!


The outfit is made for warm summer days when it’s already getting a bit “colder” for example during a stay in a beer garden in the evening. What I love so much are the white lace details the dress is revealing such as the braided sleeves. Being honest I never was a fan of this bondage-lace-cleavage thing but because of the long laces it looks more romantic and less intense in my opinion. The fact that the lace dress is longer than the petticoat combined with the pattern emphasizes the urban/romantic look. The accessories mostly have got a silver hardware such as the bag. The golden hardware is represented by my Clubmaster sunglasses and by these beautiful sandals…guys these shoes are killing it!



O122   O111



Dress – Edited x Lena Terlutter

Bag – Stella McCartney

Shoes – Isabel Marant

Accessoires – ANNA, Tiffany&Co

Glasses – Rayban

What’s your summer outfit that you love? Or do you have a statement piece which is your go to one? Write me in the comments down below.





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