Tan Despite Rain // My Tanning Routine

Tan Despite Rain // My Tanning Routine

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unfortunately the weather at the moment isn’t as nice as we expect it to be…but after a day with 20° suddenly the sun appears and everybody swelters in their long skinny jeans. That’s why (of course) the favorite dress will be taken out of the very last corner of the closet and then you realize that a white dress looked better when you had tanned skin in the last summer holidays. To avoid this situation I’m showing you my favorite products for a fake tan. Usually I use them in the beginning of summer or for events like my prom (click here for some appropriate dress recommendations). Important here isn’t just the quality of the tanning product also your preparation needs to be well done.


Before you start using fake tan products you should take a shower to remove dirt and sweat so that your skin is clean and fresh. To get rid of the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin you should peel it. A few weeks ago I bought myself a peeling glove with bamboo natural fibre which makes your skin feel soo soft!! On the back I use a big “brush” which is also good for massages to prevent cellulite. Afterwards I personally prefer shaving my legs before tanning to get an even and smooth result.



I’m a huge fan of moisturizing and to prevent patches I use my Dove moisturizing lotion which smells absolutely amazing! Just apply a thin layer of lotion otherwise your tanning product will mix with the lotion and that means  c h a o s…I always wait for 5 to 10 minutes until all is set and done.


The Process

There is one thing I learned throughout the days…be fast when you’re working your product into your skin! Nothing looks worse than a streaky tan. My method is to spray 2 pumps of St.Tropez bronzing mousse on the sponge for each shank, 2 for each upper leg, 2 for my arms, 3 for my upper body and 2-3 for my back. When the mousse is sprayed on all you need to do is take the spongy glove onto your skin and start rubbing it in circular motions into the skin. Always start at the biggest part because from this point on it’s easier to blend everything nicely (so don’t start at your toes or hands).



Blending your mousse is priority that’s why it’s better to massage it in as long as you can and when you feel that it sinks into the skin. Some parts where you should be careful are the knees, elbows, armpits, toes and fingers. Don’t apply too much product here. When you blend the mousse into your hands shape them like a claw so the product can get into all little wrinkles on your fingers. Also don’t forget the space between your toes and fingers! When you’re done clean your nails with a tissue otherwise they will look as tanned as your body and a little like you’re a chainsmoker…



To tan my face on a long-term basis I use the Addition Concentré Eclat by Clarins which I absolutely love. You just have to blend 2-3 drops into your daily face cream and apply it to your face and neck. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards (trust me…my hands were yellow the morning after) and don’t go too crazy with the product because too much of it. Also I bronze up my face with my Benefit Hoola bronzer and my Lancester face bronzer which I will review in my next video on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Emeluschka



Instead of a mousse which will tan your body for a longer time I would recommend to use a tanned body lotion. I like the Dove Derma Spa summer revival body lotion because it gives you a “light” tan without looking heavy or unnatural.


Tell me your beauty secrets for a nice tan in the comments down below!




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