5 Things To Do In Bangkok

5 Things To Do In Bangkok

Maybe some of you have seen on my Snapchat/Instagram that I’m in Thailand at the moment! Together with my friend Charly we decided to go to Asia for 2 months. I prepared everything for this trip but it felt so surreal looking for sights in Asia when you’re sitting in front of your computer in Germany…till we arrived in Bangkok.

This city is nothing but crazy. The traffic jam is enormous, the people are cooking on the streets and every two meters someone is asking you: “Tuk Tuk?”. I guess that this city polarizes – I love it! We did some cool things and experienced adventures and I wanted to share my favorite things with you.

So what shall you do when you’re in Bangkok?

1.Driving with a Tuk Tuk

To get around in Bangkok I would recommend to take the BTS sky train or a taxi. But for fun (and when there is much traffic!) I would take a Tuk Tuk…it’s a funny experience! Unfortunately it’s way more expensive than other transports but you can negotiate an “acceptable” price. They use every space in traffic to go forward which can be quite risky some times so keep your arms and legs in the vehicle!



2.Visit Khao San Road

Khao San Road…the Mekka for many backpackers. We decided to come here twice – in the afternoon and in the evening. The road is full of little stands where Thais are selling pants, shirts and giving massages. Some people even sell grilled scorpions and spiders but I didn’t try it so I can’t tell you how it tastes haha. A funny contrast is to get a massage right at the Khao San Road which I would definitely recommend! Charly and I became addicted to massages here haha. Also the food was quite good at the restaurant “Lucky Beer” and cheap as well. In general it’s very easy to find good and cheap food at the same time in Thailand!


3.Eating at Sukhumvit Soi 38

In Bangkok many people are selling food at their cookshops directly at the road. Most of the time they’re quite cheap and sometimes even better than food in a normal restaurant. One of the best cookshop areas is Sukhumvit Soi 38 where you can nearly find everything concerning Thai food. It’s directly at the Skytrain station Thong Lor!



4.Visiting Wat Pho (Temples in general)

The prettiest buildings in Bangkok are definitely the temples! We planned on going to the grand palace but during our stay the beloved king of the Thais died…which was a very sad experience. We tried to show as much respect as we could by dressing in black and behave “normal” (no parties, no alcohol). Due to this the palace was closed but every evening many Thais were standing in front of it giving the other people food for free! It is really interesting to see how the people are dealing with the death of their king. Fortunately the Wat Pho (next to the grand palace) was open so we were able to see the beautiful temple. The facade looks so colorful and spectacular that we couldn’t stop staring…the whole compound is breathtaking!

After that we visited the massage school at Wat Pho – the people there are giving the best massages in Bangkok so I would definitely go there!



5.Going to Chatuchak market

This market was by far one of the most impressive ones! The market is at the end of Bangkok (last station with the sky train) and is only open at the weekend. It’s as big as 27 soccer fields which makes it quite impressive and very easy to get lost haha. You can nearly buy everything there – from coconuts to accessories for your dog. I would recommend to get a map before you go there because it’s easier for your orientation. We ate at a very good and cheap restaurant (I don’t remember the name but it’s near the restrooms and has a sign in front of it which says “air condition”). In general this is a crazy place which is definitely worth a day trip!





Have you ever been to Thailand and what’s your favorite city? Write me in the comments below!









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