Travel Diary: Chiang Mai

Travel Diary: Chiang Mai


After checking out of our hotel and arriving at the airport we checked in for our flight to Chiang Mai. I heard a lot about the beauty of this city but never expected it to be like this. Chiang Mai is the most important cultural city in the north of Thailand and when you arrive you’ll understand why. On every corner there is a temple waiting for you full of magical statues, golden ornaments and monks. After a short taxi ride (15 minutes to the center) we arrived at 5:00 pm at our hotel “Cozy Inn”. The second we arrived, we knew that it’s going to be a great stay. The hotel had a little New York flair to it, was very clean and (very important) had cozy beds. After unpacking we ate at “amrita garden” a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant which I would definitely recommend. The only thing that became worse were my eyes which started to hurt at the airport in Bangkok.




And this was also the reason why we had to go to the hospital. I woke up with a swollen eyelid and looked like someone has punched me onto my eye…so after breakfast we immediately drove to Ram hospital. Luckily the service was very good and the doctor told me that I had an inflammation of the eyelid and the conjunctiva – not the best start. I got some eyedrops and then we went on to pay our cooking class. Afterwards we went to the Warorot market where Charly bought some herbs for her mom. The market is 20 minutes away from the center and was full of Thais selling local food and accessories. The rest of the day we spent visiting many different temples like Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Sing and Wat Phan Thao.



This was by far one of the funniest days! A truck picked us up at 8:00 am and brought us to Ran Tong an elephant rescue station. Seeing the elephants in their “natural habitat” and not in a zoo or circus filled my heart with joy. These animals have a big soul and are so kind and funny! Our guide Fai told us the basics about how to ride and speak to an elephant (just in case someone was going crazy haha). Then the time has come…my elephant for the day was Aum a 14 years old girl who is madly in love with food. She’s my spirit animal in a way haha. The feeling of sitting on an elephant is hard to describe. You kinda feel like on top of the world and that no one can stop you. After our little riding lesson we had Khao Soi which is a northern Thai speciality and was soo good! Afterwards we rode on the elephants up the hill and went bathing afterwards…such an unique experience! In the end we made them food and fed it to our elephants which is so funny to look at. They have big short tongues which carrie the food into their mouth where the teeth are – very different in comparison to us humans haha.


Charline and I are both food lovers so we decided to take a cooking class at Thai Cooking Farm. The staff picked us up at the hotel and brought us to a beautiful farm which is half an hour away from Chiang Mai. In a lovely group of 10 people our teacher told us how to cook like the Thais do and told us many things about the Thai fruits and vegetables and about the rice of course! Now we know how to cook Pad Thai (my favorite dish!), red curry, basil with beans, Tom Kha Gai and as dessert banana in coconut milk…soo yummy!




On our last day in Chiang Mai we decided to go to the zoo and I can’t really tell whether it was a good idea or not. The zoo was enormous due to the heat it was kind of exhausting to walk around. The good thing was the fact that all the enclosures are open…the bad thing was the health status and the living conditions of some animals. I don’t want to go into detail but it showed me that we shouldn’t support zoos…has been the first time after 3 years that I went into one again. Afterwards we went to Lunch and had a fish pedicure. This is one of the funniest things I experienced so far! Definitely a must have but go into a studio outside of the center (you’ll get the same for half the price).

The best on this day was our dinner! We went to Pink House Garden and had a delicious curry! We sat in little pavilions surrounded by many lights and a very cute cat. Was one of the best curries I had in Thailand (and I tried m a n y).




Saturday – Travel day!

In the morning we left our hotel and got to the airport. Our next stop was Bangkok where our connection flight to Krabi waited for us (well…at least we thought so). After two hours waiting in Bangkok the airport employees kindly informed us about the delay. The airplane arrived three hours late…amazing! At least we got some food vouchers and bought some snacks. A long day full of  “relaxing” at the airport. At 11pm we finally arrived at our hostel.









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