Back at it again. Finally. After a flu and a lot of stress coming from Uni I decided to sit down and update you guys with some fashion news! Your voting in my Insta Story has shown me that you basically want all the blogposts I have in mind which made me incredibly happy!! But let’s get straight to the fashion business – or should I call it BUSYness. The fashion weeks are on and everybody seems to be in a hurry, rushing from event to event, trying not to miss one single thing. After following various Insta Stories and posts there was apparently one dress code: The new Balenciaga sneakers. Or basically anything, as long as you can see (or read) that it’s from Balenciaga. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brand but why the hype about all these logos. Shouldn’t there be a little more diversity? Since most of the people who are visiting those shows represent a brand, shouldn’t they represent their own unique style which got them to the place where they are today? Tell me what you think about these “Fashion Blogger Uniforms” in the comments!

Speaking of logos…one of the most controversial themes in the fashion world is VETEMENTS x DHL. A high fashion brand that more or less took the logo of a parcel delivery brand and printed it on shirts. While some people may ask themselves why the lady wearing a Gucci bag is working at DHL everyone who’s not living in another universe knows that this collection is by far more expensive then the shirt from your delivery guy. Do the bloggers want to show off their wealth or is it all just a trend? I guess we’ll never know. Furthermore there was a lot of excitement in Berlin because a new collection “VETEMENTS x DHL Capsule” was exclusively presented – apparently the show was more of a disappointment location and performance wise. I personally do like some pieces and I’m looking forward to future rather unusual collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger and Reebok.

© Instagram: vetements_official

There are some fashion items that are going to be a trend in 2018. While Lena Hoschek presented tropical retro patterns in a jungle themed location, Riani presented mostly black and red items. A huge already existing but also strong trend is the suit, especially chequered or double-breasted blazers.


© John Phillips

Lastly, one of the most…let’s call it interesting fashion trends Balenciaga decided to create: Foam platform sandals aka crocs with a platform – if you take a look at the shoes and the price I wonder if this kind of a joke or is really going to be a trend in 2018. What do you say? Are these shoes going to be a huge trend or just a laugh?




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