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Bonjour everyone,

today I wanted to post another outfit of the day, which I like ’cause it’s very casual/hip style.

What I quite like is the high waisted jeans combined with the black shirt, which nicely fits into my jeans and doesn’t leave any bulges. The trousers are emphasizing my legs and combined with my vagabond shoes I look much taller 😉 But don’t worry, the shoes are super comfy ’cause the plateau is consistent.

Underneath my american apparel blouson (which is from men collection of last year) I’m wearing a casual black shirt from Zara. I like to wear my Ray Ban glasses with this ’cause they put emphasize to the whole outfit.
The focus is the blouson/jacket (it’s something in between) and of course the untypical shape of the trousers.
To wear this outfit, some courage may be needed but in the end you will look super fine and make a cool impression. 

My little buddy Balu was my shooting partner today – he’s just the cutest dog in the world.
Have a great week y’all! 
// The jeans is from BDG and is called ‘High Rise Mom Jean Ankle’ //

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  1. Mai 27, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    looking good 😉 girrrl x

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