What To Wear – Autumn/Winter 2015

What To Wear – Autumn/Winter 2015

Bonjour everybody,

Yeah… We have to admit it. Fall is coming. And to be honest, half of my winter wardrobe doesn’t suit me or my style anymore…Fortunately we have Asos, Zara and all these stores which immediately make my heart beat faster.
For those of you who want to buy something which is also in trend these seasons I’ll give you some tipps today.

1. Fake Fur
I am a absolute fan of fur/fake fur. It always adds a special note to any outfit and I guarantee you that the people will look twice at you. A jacket is the most functional fake fur clothing you can have. Just throw it over and voilà: there’s the key piece of your outfit.


Nr.2 by Forever 21
Nr.3 by Michael Kors 
Nr.4 by Only
Nr.5 by Missguided   
2. Nude
Who doesn’t love nude. Nude on the lips, nude handbags or a nude boyfriend – nude makes us happy.
Nr.1 by Essie in colour Saint Tropez
Nr.2 by WOW
Nr.3 by Givenchy
Nr.4 by Zara 
Nr.5 by Mac in colour Honey Love


3. Copper/Bronze                                                                                                                                                                 Warm tones, leafs falling from the trees, chai tea at Starbucks…shouldn’t every autumn be like that? But sometimes this season is not at all cozy and lovely – there’s rain (too much if you’d ask me), slippery streets because of the leafs and the discovery that your favorite sweater doesn’t fit you anymore. In these times everybody needs some pieces which are bringing the feeling of a cozy fall back…for this style bronzy and coppery tones are the best.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-07 um 20.58.28


Nr.1 by L’Autre Chose

Nr.2 by Becca in colour Opal

Nr.3 by Stella McCartney

Nr.4 by Mac in colour All That Glitters

Nr.5 by Aldo

4. Berry Lips
A berry toned lipstick is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think about makeup in Fall/Winter. These cold seasons do need a pop of colour! And every outfit looks a bit more glamorous and interesting with a berry tone on the lips. My favorite one is Hang-Up by Mac.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-07 um 21.46.32
Nr. 1 by NYX in colour Copenhagen
Nr. 2 by Mac in colour Hang-Up
Nr. 3 by NARS in colour Train Bleu
Nr. 4 by Chanel in colour Etienne
Nr. 5 by Kat von D in colour Vampira
What do you love wearing in these cold seasons? What do you think of the new theme/layout of my blog? Write me in the comments below!

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