What’s in my bag?

Bonjour everybody,
I’m very sorry that my new blog post took so long, but I had tons of stuff to do for school. Now that my exams are (finally!!) over, I wanted to show you my outfit with my new shoes as promised 🙂
Unfortunately, my body decided to get ill and I’m currently laying in my bed with a fever and a bad cough so going outside and taking pictures of the outfit isn’t possible…Anyways, I wanted to upload something new sooo here’s my:

What’s in my bag?

First of all you have to know that I’m not the kind of girl who carries their whole make-up storage in my bag.
I like to keep it as simple as possible, because a heavy bag is not my favorite thing and on the go I usually need these essentials:

My purse is the heaviest of all simply because I’m a typical bill-keeper and just bad at getting rid of peanuts. (A similar Yves Saint Laurent purse)
To write new ideas down I like to have my iPad Mini with me and because I tend to forget to charge it I always got my charger with me. My iPhone, my keys and chewing gum are also very important.
What’s never missing is my Moleskine planner just because I don’t remember everything and like to have a little reminder with me.
The little green notebook is basically for my thoughts and quotes that I like 🙂
A few weeks ago I got the wireless earphones by beats and I absolutely fell in love with them!!
Last but not least you can see this opalescent badass over here wich is also my little survival bag. I got it from my cutie and longest friend Charly, so I don’t know where it’s from.
What I keep in my survival bag:

Lip liner by Manhattan, Lipstick by Kiko, a mirror, some pills (ibuprofen and homeopathic stuff so don’t worry guys!), a scrunchy, my tinsy winsy hand cream (perfect for coconut lovers), a little deodorant by cd, an anti-bacterial gel by sagrotan, lip butter by labello, a nail file, the marc jacobs lipgloss (color: sweet escape) and my daily lip saver blistex.

This stuff fits perfectly in my favorite backpack wich my boyfriend got me for my birthday a couple months ago. I really adore the holographic design (It’s ma fave pattern) and anyways I’m more into backpacks than bags (just think they make life way easier). 😀
What do you prefer? And wich essentials are you keeping in your bag?

I hope you have a nice day and keep holding on ’cause tomorrow is fridayyy!

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  1. Februar 19, 2015 / 6:34 pm

    Ohh honey I can only agree with you over the "backpacks-make-your-life-easier" thing!!
    As you probably know I'm the world's biggest backpack-fan 😉 I really liked the way you wrote this post.. don't know – it seems like it's been written very freely and naturally? haha anyway, love it <3

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