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Today’s post is about one of my favorite winter outfits! When I arrived in Munich after 2 months being in Asia the first thing I noticed was that it’s so cold!! The weather was a big reason why I just didn’t want to leave…imagine waking up to 28°C every morning. For me it was one of the best decisions to go to Asia for 2 months and I never want to miss this experience. Many people asked my when I came back:”Could you imagine staying in south east Asia forever?”. To be honest I don’t. I absolutely love the people, their mindset, the nature, the food and simply everything but at a certain point I’d miss my family and the weather. I love having different seasons especially after winter when the flowers start to make their way through the snow to the few sunbeams. The change of the season (for me) was quite heavy when I flew back to Germany. All the people at the airplane had their big winter coats with them and all we had were our American Apparel jackets and a scarf.

Luckily my mom bought this Zara jacket for me during my time in Asia and I absolutely love it. For 2 years I wanted to have the Acne jacket which looks very similar but affording this one is nearly impossible. That’s why I completely freaked out when I saw the leather jacket at Zara. The little shooting happened in Berlin with the great Erik Scholz who I got to know through Instagram. We chatted a lot and had a great time, it always feels so good to talk about breakfast pictures or feed problems without being afraid of judgement haha. He took beautiful pictures and his blog is worth visiting! (

In this outfit I combined my black jacket from Zara (similar one here) with my favorite black jeans from Dr.Denim and my beloved Doc Martens. To spice it up a little I tried the so called fishnet-trend where you’re wearing fishnet tights underneath your jeans and show some parts of it. I really like it because there is this kind of grungy effect without looking like it’s too much. I added my Stella McCartney bag to it which matches perfectly with the hardware of the jacket. I’ve always been a fan of the classy combination of silver and black. 

What do you love to wear this winter?







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